Who We Are

CPSC Foundation

Central Park School for Children Foundation helps advance progressive education at Central Park School for Children and in the Durham community.

We encourage the  natural eagerness of a child to explore, grow, relate to others and understand and influence the world in which they live.  The Foundation endorses and promotes the principles of progressive education: respect for children and integrated project-based learning by doing.

The CPSC Foundation is managed by the CPSC Executive Director, John Heffernan, and a board of directors.

The members of the Foundation board are Robert “Bob” Chapman (President), Geoffrey Phillippe (Treasurer), James “Buster” Black, Vicky Patton, and Alan Staple. Ex Officio Members include Arlie Harris (Executive Director, CPSC), Marcia Brooks (Chair, CPSC Board of Trustees) and John Heffernan (Executive Director, CPSC Foundation).


John Heffernan, Chair, Bryan Gilmer, Richard Hart, Vicky Patton, Katie Wagstaff, Arlie Harris (Meetings – 1st Wednesday @ 3pm)

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