Educational Program


Central Park School for Children is a K-8 public charter school in downtown Durham.

Founded in 2003, CPSC was the first Project Based Learning public school in North Carolina and the first “diverse-by-design” public charter school in the Southern United States. We prioritize small class sizes with 15 children in lower grade classrooms and 20-23 per classroom in upper grades. We serve 530 students from Durham and surrounding counties, with most students from Durham County.

Nurturing your child’s natural eagerness

At Central Park School for Children we know children have a natural eagerness to understand the world around them. Through a supportive environment, child-centered approaches using Project Based Learning (PBL), arts integration and outdoor learning, we nurture your child’s natural eagerness. Our graduates are confident, courageous learners who find joy for learning through compassion and curiosity in all they do for themselves and their communities.