Who We Are

Board of Trustees

CPSC’s Board of Trustees and Board Committee meetings are always open to the public. You are always invited, and always welcome.

You can find our meeting schedule and links to join meetings here. In the interest of time, board policy allows families and staff to speak at board meetings with an invitation from the Executive Director (Arlie Harris) or the Board Chair (Marcia Brooks). You’ll find more details about this process in our Staff or Student/Family Handbook.

The majority of the Board’s work happens at the committee level, and we invite staff and families to serve on our committees. When staff and family members join committees, they feel heard and valued, and make contributions that directly impact the quality of our students’ educational experiences. Our standing Board Committees are Governance,  Development, Finance, and Program Excellence. Our current ad hoc committees include Outdoor Learning and Community Relations. If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact the Committee Chair at their cpsc.org email address.