Our Campus

Middle School

Welcome to Central Park School for Children Middle School! I’m Charlie, the Director of the Middle School.

Our learning process in Middle School guides student growth from childhood to adolescence. Learning advances with increased emphasis on real world learning, students’ passions and healthy relationships, further deepen their joy for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Our Middle School educators love this age of growth–did you know neuroscientists have found that the only other time when brain development is happening so rapidly is between 0-3 years of age? Our greatest gift to our graduates is that they become leaders of their learning; confident courageous advocates for their growth as well as their communities.

As a Project Based Learning (PBL) school, “Student Voice & Choice” drives all that we do in our Middle School. We are uniquely student-centered in every aspect of our program. From project work to clubs, sports to art and performance, community norms to overall school culture—student interests and ideas shape what we study, what we offer, and how we exist together in our learning environment. We believe it is important for students to have agency over their school experience – it’s critical during the ages of 10-14 when so much of their life is changing.

With a focus on Identity, Relationships, and Community, our students strive to understand their own identity, the identities of those around them, and how all of those relationships connect to make up our community.